Apple sets March 9 ‘spring forward’ event

Apple on Thursday sent out invitations for a press event on March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.
February 27, 2015/by Lovegrove
Three editions of the Apple Watch with increasing prices will be available. Photograph: Apple/EPA

Apple’s 12 Page Spread in Vogue – Apple Watch

Apple has placed a 12-page advertisement showing the Apple Watch and its various styles in the March issue of Vogue.
February 27, 2015/by Paquin

Having Trouble Getting an Uber? It May Be In The Stars.

Uber drivers are giving their own star ratings to passengers. With each ride, Uber gives their passengers a score based on a five-star rating.
February 25, 2015/by The TECH Team

Modern Family Producers Film Episode with iPhones

Modern Family may have just redefined not just families, but what technology is necessary to film a highly rated TV show.
February 27, 2015/by The TECH Team

Pebble is Going Color

New Pebble hardware and software make for a colorful new design.
February 27, 2015/by The TECH Team

The Codeanywhere Team Has Been Hard at Work

Today, Codeanywhere announced the second batch of predefined development environments: MEAN, Laravel, Sails.js, Wordpress & Symfony.
February 27, 2015/by Mark Shannon

Got Kids? YouTube is all new for you!

On Monday Google launched a new service called YouTube Kids, a new app for the internet’s leading destination for video aimed specifically at children.
February 25, 2015/by The TECH Team
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Apple’s Project Titan Taking on Detroit and Tesla

One of Apple's test vehicle for Project Titan seen again in the Bay Area.
February 22, 2015/by Mark Shannon

Folding Electric Scooter Launched on Kickstarter

The Mogobike is a lithium powered electric scooter built with commuters in mind.
February 21, 2015/by The TECH Team

Move Over Tile, Here Comes iTraq.

iTraq is the world’s first global cellular tracking device that can be found anywhere.
February 21, 2015/by Mark Shannon

Samsung To Compete With Apple Pay

Samsung Electronics has acquired LoopPay, a U.S. mobile payments firm that could help it compete with Apple Pay.
February 19, 2015/by Mannix
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